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Suspend conventional thought...
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It's finally here!
The long awaited book co-authored by Eric Wikstrom called "Leverage Your IRA - Maximize Your Profits with Real Estate" was recently published and is available for purchase. Form more information, visit the new IWS Bookstore.

What's New at IWS?

IWS announces the publication of a new book, "Leverage Your IRA - Maximize Your Profits with Real Estate"

Eric Wikstrom has teamed up with industry stalwarts Matt Allen of North American Savings Bank, Tom Anderson of Pensco Trust and Edwin Kelly of Equity Trust to write a fantastic book on how to properly utilize leverage with your retirement account. This little known strategy can be a powerful wealth building tool, but needs to be done in a well thought out and intelligent fashion. This book is now available for purchase at the new IWS Bookstore site.

IWS announces "The IRA Owner's Guide to Understanding Roth IRA Conversions" whitepaper

To help educate with the pros and cons of a Roth IRA conversion, Eric Wikstrom recently wrote this short piece on what individuals need to be aware of to make this important decision. Click here to read the article.

In October, Eric Wikstrom presented at the Retirement Industry Trust Association conference in San Francisco, CA

Eric Wikstrom was invited by the Retirement Industry Trust Association ("RITA") to provide an update on Roth Conversions for 2010. RITA is a professional trade association committed to the continued growth and expansion of self-directed retirement plan administration of alternative investments. For more information on RITA, please visit www.ritaus.org

IWS introduces the Advisor Lunch/Dinner Program

IWS is proud to announce an innovative way to "Lunch and Learn." Have you ever wanted to spend time with an industry professional to ask a few questions as well as determine if the personality fit is right for you?

Click here to learn how you can meet with Eric Wikstrom to discuss your financial or retirement planning issues, all for the cost of a lunch or dinner. Currently available for Seattle and Bellevue, WA, Portland, OR and the San Francisco Bay Area.

IWS presents the "Top 10 Investor Questions about Self-Directing IRAs and Solo 401k Plans"

Due to many requests from clients, investors and others curious about the pros and cons of self-directing any retirement account, Eric Wikstrom has put together this handy, easy to read pamphlet on questions and issues most investors ask about. Click here to read this very informative and requested information.

View the IWS Classroom videos - Now on YouTube

You can now view all the IWS educational retirement planning and structuring videos directly on YouTube. Click here to view any IWS posted video.
The Origins of
Integrated Wealth Strategies

Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC was formed to provide
truly objective Financial and Retirement Plan structuring advice to individuals for their IRAs, Solo 401(k)s and other retirement accounts. With over over 27 years of tax, corporate finance and investment management experience, the goal of the founder Eric Wikstrom, CPA, CFP® is to help you understand what your investment options and strategies are - not what some financial institution wants to sell you.

The mission of Integrated Wealth Strategies is best explained by the late Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of the Rolls Royce Motor Company -
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"Take the best that exists and make it better.
If it doesn't exist, create it.
Accept nothing nearly right or good enough."

Understand ALL your options
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The financial services industry is filled with "conventional wisdoms"; ideas so ingrained in our culture that no one questions them. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom is often wrong.

By challenging and exposing conventional wisdom,
Eric Wikstrom helps clients break free of their traditional thinking towards retirement investing and helps them explore the endless opportunities outside the stock market.
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Critical to "truly" Self-Directing your IRA, Solo 401k or even using your retirement account as start-up capital for a business is working with competent and respected advisors who specialize in the this very detailed practice.

Very few CPAs and attorneys are fully aware of the issues that surround retirement account investing like Prohibited Transactions or the Unrelated Business Income Tax. Not only is Eric Wikstrom a CPA and Certified Financial Planner, but he also holds a Masters in Taxation.
How do you build wealth?
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If you truly believe that the best way (or perhaps the only way) to accumulate wealth in your retirement account is to entrust it all in the hands of Wall Street "experts", then I wish you good luck. But keep in mind that most wealthy individuals didn't get that way by investing in the stock market. They did so by taking advantage of opportunities in inefficient investment markets.

So if you'd like to learn more about all the fantastic opportunities to
build and maintain wealth outside the traditional securities market, give us a call. Because you truly owe it to yourself to fully understand all your investment options. After all, it is your money.
Integrated Wealth Strategies Classroom Presents -

An Introduction to Self-Directed Retirement Account Investing

To learn more about what self-directing your retirement account can do for, spend a few minutes with Eric Wikstrom as he walks you through the nuts and bolts of what self-directed investing is all about and how it works. Click here to go to the IWS Video page.
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